About US

Zenith Advisors Group has a track record of success based on real-world experience across the globe.  We apply our experiences directly to your situation to identify your challenges and then leverage your capabilities through proven practices that help you exceed your goals.

Six things that make Zenith different and the best choice for your needs

  • Selective: We carefully choose clients that are pursuing laudable or formidable objectives.  While we primarily serve early stage small businesses, we occasionally work with select national security clients.  We keep our clientele limited so we can focus on you.
  • Personal: We invest time in each client, getting to know you, your people, your conditions and your objectives.  We believe that we need to understand and respect your situations and history to fully serve you.
  • Tailored: We believe that your circumstances should guide the services we deliver. We adapt our various tools and offerings to meet your needs rather than forcing you to use a one-size fits all approach.  Our approach varies with every client because every client is different.
  • Global: We leverage the global experience of our associates, many have not only traveled the globe but worked in locations ranging from Asia to Europe.
  • Successful: We have decades of experience and success in various fields and multiple domains, ranging topically from diplomacy to military and business domains and physically including air and space.
  • Selfless: Zenith Advisors Group considers service to others a privilege. We strengthen and encourage you to achieve your results, not our own.  We carefully consider a client’s circumstances when setting rates and use flexible compensation systems to help early stage businesses.

We have all the right tools, let us Help You

Our Founder

Our founder, Bruce McClintock, formed Zenith Advisors Group to help enable individuals and organizations to achieve their dreams. His own 30-year career has been an adventure in leadership, with multiple opportunities to collaborate with talented people from diverse backgrounds and cultures, from corporate boardrooms to combat zones.  Bruce leads Zenith Advisors Group to help others reach their own goals.  If you seek higher summits and want to elevate your business success, Zenith Advisors Group can help you make it happen.

Founder’s Message

I love climbing mountains, both literally and figuratively.  

I spent the first part of my life planning for and conquering summits.  Along the way, I enjoyed countless opportunities and successes.  However, I also learned that the greatest satisfaction comes from guiding others to their summits.  Investing the lessons and experiences from life into others to help them succeed is what Zenith is all about.  We look forward to helping you climb higher!