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The General and the Ambassador podcast

Ambassador John Tefft and former US Embassy Military Attaché Bruce McClintock provide a unique view of U.S engagement inside Russia and the operational climate for the U.S.Embassy and Consulates. They discuss Russian military doctrine/objectives/perceptions of NATO/Crimea/Ukraine/Syria and how the “man on the street” views Americans.


A New Front in Information Warfare

Article by Kimberly Underwood, featuring quotes and comments from our founder, Bruce

Published in SIGNAL Magazine Online


Russian Cyber Operations: Four Realities, Two that Can Change

Article by Bruce McClintock (p.75)
Published in The Aspen Institute Congressional Program: U.S. – Russia Relations

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Zapad 2017: What It Reveals About the Prickly Russia-Belarus Relationship

Article by Bilyana Lilly and our founder, Bruce.


Elite Warriors: Book Review

Review by Bruce McClintock
Published in JFQ 88, 1st Quarter 2018.

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The Transformation Trinity

A Model For Strategic Innovation  And Its Application To Space Power

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Space Defense Vol 10 No. 1

Zenith founder, Bruce McClintock, writes about the Russian space sector in the latest edition of Space Defense

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Respond to Russia's Information Warfare

The United States needs a new strategy.

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SIGINT for Anyone

The Growing Availability of Signals Intelligence in the Public Domain

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