“Having truly experienced and knowledgeable participants is one of the most critical parts of any successful wargame, and we have been fortunate to have BG McClintock on Russia teams in several of our exercises. He brings not just a wealth of expertise, but also a real commitment to taking red teaming seriously, and his inclusion always elevates the level of participation. He also provides the perspective of a top-level decision maker and operator along with his area expertise — two critical factors that are extremely difficult to find in the same person.”

Dr. Hriar Cabayan

Head of the Strategic Multilayer Assessment program, Joint Staff, Pentagon, Washington, DC

“Bruce McClintock has a current and profound understanding of the Russian military establishment.  His briefings on this subject are informed, articulate and fascinating.  Indeed, as someone who completed a Defense Attache assignment in Moscow more than 25 years ago, I have found Gen McClintock’s reflections to provide a superb update to my more historical experience.”

Lt<br /> General (USAF Ret) Erv Rokke, Ph.D.

Senior Scholar, Center for Character and Leadership Development, US Air Force Academy, Colorado

Zenith Advisors Group provided an insightful presentation on public-private cooperation in space using an excellent combination of rich detail, presented in an arc that goes from the early days of hope for cooperation through today’s environment.  

Anonymous Government Client

Bruce is a model of what our country really means, he is a model of good character, he is a model of a loving family man and he’s a model of what it means to truly serve others in every way.

Jan Ridgely

CEO, United Charitable

Our Clients, Partners, Adjuncts and Associates Inspire Us

We gain inspiration helping others climb higher.  We gather feedback and implement internal changes as part of our own continuous improvement process.  Here are some responses we have received from a few of the stars in our constellation about our CEO and Zenith Advisors Group.

“Bruce poured himself into the fundamentals reviewing all of the documents guiding our company, understanding the parameters and scope. His military background provided the framework from which he was then able to easily understand a brand-new system and then quickly put forward targeted, focused ideas, inquiries and action.

 I found in working with Bruce something even more, that is Bruce’s incredible heart, emotional intelligence, sensitivity, love and care for people who work in these systems and make up these organizations and are the recipients of the services we provide. This tender strength has given our organization the capacity to grow strategically yet compassionately. I have seen Bruce in action and I have witnessed his abilities and I couldn’t recommend him more in virtually any situation working with people and systems complex or simple to bring about caring yet driven change.”

Jan Ridgely, CEO, United Charitable