Zenith CEO & diverse panel reviewing logos

In 2016 Zenith Advisors Group decided use their logo redesign project to help others climb higher.  The Zenith team partnered with Pine Creek High School and their graphic design class to give the students a real world project to learn design skills.  Zenith leadership provided the class an overview of the Zenith vision, mission, goals and culture and preferences for themes for the design.  A month later, our CEO met individually with each student to review their designs and provide encouragement and feedback.  Finally, in December 2016, our CEO chaired a panel that included a local business reporter, a young design professional, and an educator.

CEO, design instructor, and top three students

The panel met with each student and let them present their design idea and why it was best for the company.  The panel scored the designs and presentations, giving each student a real-world experience in pitching a design concept.  Bruce McClintock then presented awards and certificates to the top three designs and the class instructor.

“This program was great way to introduce students to design criteria for real companies and also provide them motivation for their future.  The designs these students produced were amazing and they all found ways to capture the spirit of Zenith Advisors Group.”

Top design and select others from the competition